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Dave & Karen Klein: 1513 Perry Street,  Davenport, IA  52803

Phone: 563-449-4908     Email: whoisbugs@hotmail.com

                    The Illustrated Guide of White Ironstone China from A - Z; This DVD adds to what Jean Wetherbee gathered in her last book, White Ironstone:  A Collector’s Guide, the bible for white ironstone collectors. It is an illustrated comprehensive list of known shapes of white ironstone, that focuses on dinner, tea and toilet sets. Many new shapes and shape names discovered in the archives at the National Registry Offices at Kew Gardens, London, England are included. There is an “Index of Shapes” including all also-known-as (aka) shape names. For information on a shape simply click on the name you want. There is also a “Potters Index”. When you click on a potter’s name it will give you a list of all their shapes. For the shapes that have been profiled in White Ironstone Notes (Vol. 1-18) there is a special link provided where additional information and illustrations can be found. 

 DVD - $75.00                     Spiral Bound Book - $ 45

 Complete Presentation of Kew Research - This is a digital copy of the information obtained from the Patent Registration books at the National Archives, at Kew, England. These files are available in both powerpoint (PPT), as well as Portable Document Format (PDF).  This DVD will aid in your identification and research on shapes that have been registered, and serve as another great digital tool for your ironstone library. 


 WICA Newsletters Vol. # 1 – Vol. # 20 with Index DVD

T his is a DVD contains an Index that displays the appropriate newsletter edition. No more fumbling with  binders and paper copies. White Ironstone China Association, Inc. 2010 






 WHITE IRONSTONE PITCHERS, AN IDENTIFICATION GUIDE by Ernie and Bev Dieringer. This book contains the pitchers that are part of dinner, tea or bath sets

White Ironstone China Association, Inc., 2003, packaged in a 3-ring binder. 



 WHITE IRONSTONE PITCHERS BOOK II by Ernie and Bev Dieringer. This book covers everything else including high relief, syrup, utilitarian, and child-size pitchers.

White Ironstone China Association, Inc., 2007, packaged in a 3-ring binder. 



 WHITE IRONSTONE A Survey of its Many Forms - Undecorated, Flow Blue, Mulberry, Copper Lustre by

Dawn Stoltzfus & Jeffrey B. Snyder, 1997, softcover.






 RED-CLIFF CATALOGS – 1960, 1962, 1972, 1976, with retail prices.





Schiffer Publishing Ltd., Atglen, PA, 2001, softcover.




 WHITE IRONSTONE: A COLLECTOR’S GUIDE by Jean Wetherbee, Antique Trader Books 1996, reprinted

by WICA, Inc. 2005 Spiral Bound.




Publishing Co., 130 pages,





 CONVENTION KEYNOTE  ADDRESS CDs –  These CDs contain the original Powerpoint presentation  PPT, as well as PDF and JPG formats. A great research tool.


 High Relief Jugs


Cookie Plates

Sugar Bowls


Boote Bros.Sydenham

Confederate Ironstone

Child's Ironstone

Kew Project


Elsmore & Forster

Confederate Ironstone

Mason's Ironstone

Moreland's Collection

WICA Show and Tell

Masons: Family and Tradition

 ENGLISH REGISTRATION MARK GUIDES. A set of 2 pocket-sized, laminated guides to reading the dates of diamond registry marks. Both English and American lists of registry numbers and their corresponding dates. A very useful

quick reference tool to carry with your WICA tote bag.




 WICA NOTE CARDS. A set of eight different 4 1⁄4” x 5 1⁄2” note cards with envelopes. These are drawings of ironstone by Ernie Dieringer that have been used in past newsletters. Each note card depicts one of four designs: 24 different mugs, 12 different compotes, Ceres shape forms and Sydenham shape forms




 WHITE IRONSTONE NOTES BOOK I & II BINDER AND NEWSLETTERS – 2 Binders with printed covers, spines and tabs. All past issues of the newsletter included.



 BACK ISSUES OF WHITE IRONSTONE NOTES – Are you missing one or more back issues of the WICA Newsletter? You can purchase individual back issues now.








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