English White Ironstone 1840s to 1850s
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White Ironstone China Association


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White Ironstone China Association E-News Index

Volume and Issue Date Major Subject(s)
2-1 January 2021 Is White Ironstone Queensware?
New James Edwards Body Style, July 31, 1878
Elsmore & Forster Cameo Sugar Box
Brougham & Mayer Baltimore Shape Ewer
1-3 December 2020 Importer's Marks:
  • Massey & Caldwells, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
  • McCarthey & Bayless, Louisville, Kentucky
New Gothic-Type Body Style by Holland & Green, Late Harvey
1-2 October 2020 A Look at... Jean Wetherbee
Importer's Marks:
  • F. Wetmore, Biddle House, Detroit, Michigan
  • McCarthey & Bayless, Louisville, Kentucky
Historical Advertisement: Ceres Shape Child's Tea Set
New Body Style: Blenheim Shape by John Dimmock & Co.
Adams Empress Micratex Pitchers
W. Adams, Albin China, A La Mode, aka Athenia Shape
1-1 September 2020 William Adams & Sons

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